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Weekend course
10) Bread & pizza

What you learn

This workshop will teach you from scratch, everything you need to know to make all these :

  • Neapolitan pizza

Original pizza recipe from Naples

  • Bagels

Amazing sandwich bread ideal for a snack

  • Baguette

Famous French bread, crunchy crust and soft inside

  • Blueberry muffins

Rich and soft muffins filled with blueberries

After the chef demonstrates, you will be making all these sweets by yourself.

Neapolitan pizza cut in slices

Pizza (napolitana)

Delicious pizza dough, choose your toppings


Sandwich bread filled with fresh ingredients

Slicing a baguette with a knife


Iconic French bread with crispy crust

Blueberry muffin cut in half

Blueberry muffins

Blueberry filled soft butter cakes

In details

During this workshop, you will learn :

  • Pizza dough, bagels dough, baguette dough
  • Shaping pizza
  • Topping pizza
  • Shaping bagels
  • Boiling bagels
  • Shaping, slicing baguette
  • Making blueberry muffins
  • And finally, baking and tasting all breads!

Two students shows their pizza before baking