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Weekend course
6) chocolate MAKING

What you learn

This workshop will teach you from scratch, everything you need to know to make all these :

  • Trio chocolate mousse cake

Dark, white and milk chocolate mousses on top of a crunchy base

  • Chocolate decorations

Learn how to temper and shape chocolate

  • Chocolate chips cookies

Flavorful chocolate cookies, hard or soft

  • Brownies

Soft and rich chocolate brownies

After the chef demonstrates, you will be making all these sweets by yourself.

Trio chocolate cake with chocolate decorations

Trio chocolate cake

Dark, white and milk chocolate mousses

Student breaks a chocolate chips cookie in half

Chocolate chips cookies

Crunchy or soft, make your own cookies

Chocolate brownies close up


Succulent brownies with quality chocolate

Temper chocolate on marble worktop

Chocolate decorations

Temper chocolate and make decorations

In details

During this workshop, you will learn :

  • Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate mousse
  • Crunchy cake base
  • Temper chocolate and make the decoration
  • Cookies batter
  • Brownies batter and baking
  • And finally, assemble and decorate trio chocolate cake!

Chef Lucas and students at chocolate course